Development Permits

About Development

Development means excavating, stockpiling, the construction of a building, and addition to, or replacement or repair of a building, or a change in the intensity of use or a building in an area regulated by land-use by-law. The Town of High Level has a Land-Use By-Law which requires a Development Permit regulating and “development” within the town limits, and all applications for this permit must be accompanied by either a site plan or a statement of use, or both.


The cost of a Development Permit can range from $65 to $300, depending on the location of the property.


To obtain an application for a development permit, please contact the Town or download the Development Permit Application (PDF).

Development Permits Fees
R-1, R-2 zoning $80.00
C-1, C-2, C-3 zoning  $200.00
R-4 zoning $65.00
IND zoning $200.00
CU, P zoning $200.00
R-3 zoning $155.00
DC zoning $300.00
A, R zoning $65.00
Change of/ Additional use $80.00
Boulevard Landscaping Apllication As per district 
Home Occupations $55.00
Signs $35.00
Variance requests $100.00
Temporary Permits $45.00
Development Agreements$500.00
Special Events $50.00
Re-locatable Industrial Accommodations $100.00  + $1250.00 deposit 
Downtown Commercial Parking Fee $1500.00 per required stall if not provided onsite 
Development started without permit Fee Doubled 
Development Deposit $5000.00 (required on any new residential, commercial or industrial, returned upon satisfactory compliance to all conditions) 
Land Titles Document Registration/Discharge $25.00 per document