Development Permits

About Development

Development means excavating, stockpiling, the construction of a building, and addition to, or replacement or repair of a building, or a change in the intensity of use or a building in an area regulated by land-use by-law. The Town of High Level has a Land-Use By-Law which requires a Development Permit regulating and “development” within the town limits, and all applications for this permit must be accompanied by either a site plan or a statement of use, or both.


The cost of a Development Permit can range from $65 to $300, depending on the location of the property.

Item Land Use District Fee
Construction or replacement of principal use R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, C-1, C-3, IND, CU, A, P, R$200.00
Construction or replacement of principal use DC$300.00
Manufactured home R-1,R-2, R-4, A$100.00
Change of use or additional use All Land Use Districts $50.00
Accessory use
Home Occupation
Temporary use
All Land Use Districts $25.00
Relocatable industrial accommodations IND $200.00
Development agreement
All Land Use Districts $500.00
Variance Request
All Land Use Districts
Commercial off-site parking
C-1$1,500.00 per parking stall 
Land titles documentation
All Land Use Districts
$25.00 per document 
Development commenced without permitsAll Land Use Districts
Fees Doubled 
Non-profit use All Land Use Districts
Accessibility renovations All Land Use Districts


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To obtain an application for a development permit, please contact us or download an application below.  

  1. 2021 Approved Development Permits
  2. 2020 Approved Development Permits 
Development Permit #Zoning Legal Description AddressProposed Use Applicant Issue Date 
DP21-001CU (Community Use)Lot 242, Block 21, Plan 012084010802 102 Street Temporary Sign Magnet Signs
La Crete 
January 6, 2021
DP21-002IND (industrial District) Lot A, Plan 4162MC9302 98 Avenue Washout Facility for Concrete Trucks Knelsen Sand & Gravel February 2, 2021
DP21-003C-3 (Highway Commercial District) Lot 5-6, Block 4, Plan 042606210302 97 Street Liquor Store, Arcade and Fitness Centre2214866 Alberta Ltd.February 2, 2021
DP21-004C-1 (Downtown Commercial) DistrictLot 7, Block 7, Plan 3510KS10005 99 Street Relocation of Piney Express Variety StoreElizabeth Sanchez & Tom Lewis February 18, 2021
DP21-005R-1 (Residential District) Lot 111, Block 21, Plan 832107510701 104 Street Home Office Electrical Contracting Business Neoteric Advanced
March 2, 2021
DP21-006C-1 (Downtown Commercial) District
Lot 1 (A), Block 7, Plan 3510KS9801 100 Avenue Nail Salon at 10004 98 Street Trang Tran March 11, 2021 
DP21-007IND (Industrial District)
Lot 4, Block 1, Plan 16233469200 Yidah DriveTemporary Sign Aurora Signs & Autographic'sMarch 17, 2021
DP21-008C-3 (Highway Commercial District)
Lot 1-6, Block 29, Plan 782310910109 96 StreetSign-Fascia, Sign Freestanding, Sign IlluminatedSelkirk Signs C/O Permit Solutions Inc. April 6, 2021 
DP21-009C-3 (Highway Commercial District)
Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 04215549503 101 Avenue Construction Service Office PYC Construction April 13, 2021 
DP21-010C-1 (Downtown Commercial) District

Lot 8, Block 14, Plan 402NY9901 100 Ave Retail Cannabis Store 21013101 Alberta Ltd. April 6, 2021 
DP21-011R-1 (Residential District)
Lot 1A, Block 14, Plan 402NY10114 99 Street Building-Moved in New Basement with Secondary Suite Siemens Contracting April 6,2021
DP21-012R-2  (Medium  Density Residential Land Use District)  
Lot 15, Block 28, Plan 5035TR9811 106 Street Permanent Portable Garage Derhousoff John PApril 27, 2021 
DP21-013R-4 (Manufactured Home-Mobile Land Use District)  
Lot 8, Block 54, plan 042427414 Dragonfly Crescent Shipping Container Racette Monique J April 27, 2021 
DP21-014CU (Community Use)
Lot 1, Block 12, Plan 402NY9701 105 Avenue/ 10800 Rainbow BoulevardRelocate Existing High Level Learning Store and Place on a New Basement Foundation Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52April 30, 2021
DP21-015R-4 (Manufactured Home-Mobile Land Use District)  
Lot 9, Block 38, Plan 832 107511102 Chinchaga Drive Permanent Portable Garage  Lyding Brenda, Lyding DarrelApril 30, 2021 
DP21-016IND (Industrial District)

Lot 28 Block 1 Plan 022 34909506 114 Avenue Temporary Outdoor Patio Program WUN Restaurant LP O/A Boston Pizza high LevelMay 4, 2021 
DP21-017R-1 (Residential District)
Lot 12, Block 15, Plan 402NY10201 101 Street Front Yard Driveway Omoth, Chester J May 10, 2021 
DP21-018R-1 (Residential District)
Lot 19, Block 32, Plan 922351710404 109 Avenue Addition to deck Price, Sean W. May 14, 2021 
DP21-019R-1 (Residential District)
Lot 27, Block 44, Plan 072669247 Chonkolay Drive New Dwelling Single Family Ahnassay Justin G.May 21, 2021 
DP21-020R-1 (Residential District)

Lot 20, Block 32, Plan 922351710406 109 AvenuePergola over existing deckFriesen Jason May 21, 2021 
DP21-021R-2  (Medium  Density Residential Land Use District)  
Lot 37, Block 25, Plan 93211459801 103 Street Access Ramp Powers Randall May 31, 2021 
DP21-022R-1 (Residential District)

Lot 1, Block 13, Plan 402NY 10402 99 Street Demolition of the existing structure and attached patio. Shed at the rear of the property will remainD Fehr Trucking June 7, 2021
DP21-023IND (Industrial District)

Lot 11, Block 4, Plan 112121110498 93 Street Pet Store (the sale of small domestic animals including, but not limited to, cats and dogs) 1899054 Alberta LtdJune 11, 2021 
DP21-024CU (Community Use District)Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 89213388602 Highway 58Build a 24x32 addition onto west side of existing church building. Renovate basement of existing building to provide more bathroom space and handicap accessibilityMackenzie Highway Baptist ChurchJune 23, 2021
IND (Industrial District)

Lot 20, Block 5, Plan 832308310700 92 Street Construct access onto lot Norwood Transport Ltd. June 23, 2021 
DP21-026IND (Industrial District)

Lot 21, Block 5, Plan 832308310708 92 Street Construct access onto lot Norwood Transport Ltd.June 23, 2021 
DP21-027C-1 (Downtown Commercial) District
Lot 1(A), Block 7, Plan 3510KS9801 100 Avenue Opening Massage Parlour Arlene BoersmaJune 24, 2021
DP21-028R-1 (Residential District) Lot 1A, Block 14, Plan 402NY 10114 99 Street 16' x 26' Paved Driveway in front 26' x 20'  Gravel Driveway in rearSiemens Contracting
July 10, 2021
DP21-029IND (Industrial District)

Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 79228059402 114 Avenue Manufactured home/showhome with solar panels Littke Red River Group of Companies July 19, 2021 
DP21-030C-3 (Highway Commercial District)
Lot 4-6, Block 29, Plan 782310910109 96 Street Sign - Fascia Sign - Illuminated Selkirk Signs C/O Permit Solutions Inc. July 7, 2021
DP21-031 C-1 (General Commercial) District

Lot 1(B), Block 7, Plan 3510KS 9807 100 Avenue Liquor and Convenience Store Sijet Puthuva George July 15, 2021 
DP21-032C-3 (Highway Commercial District)
Lot 1-3, Block 4, Plan 5575MC10310 97 Street Starbucks with Drive-through and Pharmasave 2214866 Alberta Ltd. July 26, 2021
DP21-033C-1 (General Commercial) District
Lot 29, Block 24 Plan 6102NY9809 101 Street New Sign - Fascia, affixed to the side of the building 2082966 Alberta Ltd. July 26, 2021