Vitalization Grant Program

The Vitalization Grant Program provides financial support to businesses and organizations located in the General Commercial and Highway Commercial Districts within High Level. The grant supports businesses that wish to enhance the exterior of their buildings to meet Town of High Level Design Guidelines. By doing so, they increase the aesthetic appeal and enrich the profile of High Level for both residents and visitors. 

High Level Design Guidelines 

The Design Guidelines provide a new model for the Town of High Level’s development trends. They are a model that encourages distinctive development patterns while recognizing the unique characteristics of the terrain and the Town’s vision for the future.

Key Principles 

  1. Design for people: through simple design strategies at the street level, where most interaction occurs, the Town of High Level can help promote an atmosphere where people want to be and come together.
  2.  Accessibility: buildings should incorporate the necessary infrastructures for pedestrian accessibility to support the safe and efficient movement of people.
  3. Safety: buildings should integrate urban design techniques that promote natural surveillance and property protection. Buildings can contribute to the overall safety and comfort of a town.
  4. Building form and style: properties should be designed with an openness and welcoming feeling in order to reflect a positive message and an appealing perception.
  5. Sustainability: the use of high quality, natural, and resilient building materials increases the lifespan of a building. Buildings upgraded in this way are often more pleasant to look at.

Review the Town of High Level Design Guidelines 

When should I apply? 

Applications are accepted year-round, and grant funding is allocated for use within a calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants must be the property owner or have approval of the property owner.
  • The primary focus of the Vitalization Grant is the C-1: General Commercial District (Blue) and C-3: Highway Commercial District along 97 Street, between 100 Avenue and 105 Avenue (Yellow).
  • The secondary focus of the Vitalization Grant will be the remaining Highway Commercial District (Green).

Schedule B - Vitalization Grant Program Area Map

How to apply 

Step 1: Read Policy #266-21 Vitalization Grant Program Policy to ensure your project will meet the Town of High Level Design Guidelines. Proposed projects must be used for the enhancement of the building and not for new projects or projects a business/organization would normally be expected to provide (i.e. general maintenance, requirements of a development permit, etc.). 

Step 2: Determine the estimated costs of your project and fill out an application. Applications can be found in person at the Town Office or downloaded from our website. PD-F09 Vitalization Grant Program Application Form 

Step 3: Submit your completed application to: or in person at the Town office. 

Step 4: Wait for Grant funding approval before starting the project. 

Step 5: Start your project!

Available funding 

  • Council will allocate $40,000 annually for applications within the General Commercial District and Highway Commercial District along 97 Street, between 100 Avenue and 105 Avenue.
  • Unused annual grant funds are carried over into the next year and are open for applications within both the General Commercial District and all of the Highway Commercial District.
  • Eligible applicants may receive 50% (up to a maximum of $20,000) of their total project costs per application.

Application approval 

  • Applications will be considered on a case-by-case, first-come, first served basis. 
  • Applications requesting under $2,500 will be reviewed by the Chief Administrative Officer. 
  • Applications over $2,500 will be reviewed by Council at a Committee of the Whole meeting. 
  • The Land Use and Planning Department will review all applications and make recommendations to the Chief Administrative Officer and Council for approval. 

For more information 

Please contact the Land Use and Planning Department
Phone: 780-926-2201
In person: at the Town Office, 10511-103 Street, High Level AB

2020 Vitalization Grant recipients

Location: 9902-100 Avenue (Caesars Liquor Store, Mister Cutts Barber Shop, and High Level Indoor Golf)  

Grant Amount Received: $20,000

Work Done: Exterior improvements include a new storefront façade, extensive stucco around the entire building, new trim, and signage upgrades. There was also additional paving work to improve the property and nearby drainage. 

"It’s beautiful, we’re trying to revitalize our downtown and make it a nice, appealing place for everyone. Façade is a really important part of that." - Mayor, Crystal McAteer

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