High Level Town Council approves the Town’s annual operating and capital budgets each year. As part of this process, they consider the revenue sources available to cover expenditures. 

You can find more information about municipal property taxes on the AUMA website: Fundamentals of the Property Taxation System.

Tax Rate Bylaw

Town Council sets the property tax rates by passing a Tax Rate Bylaw. Rates are determined by dividing the total required property tax revenue among the total taxable assessed value of town properties. There are separate rates for residential and non-residential properties.

2023 Property Tax Bylaw

Services Funded by Taxation

The Town of High Level relies on property taxes as a major source of revenue to fund many different services including:

  • General Government which includes Town Council and administration.
  • Protective Services which includes fire, disaster and emergency measures, ambulance and first aid, and bylaw enforcement.
  • Transportation which includes common equipment, streets, sidewalks, streetlights, airport, and storm sewers.
  • Public Health and Welfare which includes Family and Community Support Services and cemeteries.
  • Planning and Development which includes planning, zoning, subdivision, and economic development.
  • Recreation and Culture which includes the R. E. Walter Aquatic Centre, High Level Sports Complex, Mackenzie Crossroads Museum and Visitor Centre, ball diamonds, and parks. It also includes funding for the High Level Municipal Library.

Payment Information

Property tax notices are mailed by mid-May each year. If you have not received your tax bill by the end of May, please contact the Finance Coordinator at 780-821-4006.

The Town of High Level provides several methods for you to pay your taxes. Taxes can be paid by cheque, debit card, through your bank online or in person.

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan

The Town of High Level Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan is a simple, secure, and convenient way to pay your annual property taxes.

The Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan allows you to have a payment automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month. The payments are calculated as monthly instalments so that the cumulative payments will pay, in full, the outstanding balance of the current taxes by the end of the calendar year. The plan simplifies your budgeting by dividing your annual property tax bill into smaller monthly sums and saves you time by automatically debiting your bank account each month.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form

Property Tax notices are mailed by mid-May each Year. If you have not received your tax bill by the end of May, please contact the Tax Department at 780-926-2201.