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High Level Toy Library Parent Link Centre

Annual General Meeting Month

Description of Organization

The Centre provides high quality, comprehensive, accessible, community-based programs that comply with the province wide standards of excellence and respond to the changing needs of parents and families.

In fulfilling this mandate we promote family wellness, promote positive parent-child relationships, improve parenting knowledge and skills, foster optimal child development, and ensure that children get a healthy start in life.

Our center includes four separate service providers:
  • Clothing Carousel - Maternity and children used clothing store
  • Toy Lending Library
  • Jumpstart Playschool

Program Details

The High Level Toy Library Parent Link Centre offers a comprehensive range of core services. We've provided some examples for you.

Parent Education

The programs help build parent’s skills and confidence in providing a nurturing environment for the children, including:
  • Active Parenting Program - You Make the Difference
  • Baby and Me
  • Books for Babies
  • Infant Massage
  • Kids Have Stress Too
  • Sign, Say and Play
  • Triple P Parenting

Family Support Program

Is designed with preventive measures in mind to help parents identify and develop their strengths and be active directors of their family’s lives and their children’s development.

Some programs offered are:
  • Allergy Support Group
  • Birthday Party Rentals
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • CNN
  • Cultural Connections
  • Pancake Breakfasts
  • Spilled Milk Parenting Group
  • Working Moms Group

Early Learning & Care

Provides children with a range of interactive, play based problem solving experiences to help develop their readiness to learn and endure the start of school equipped for success.

The programs we offer include:
  • Art and Physical Recreation based programs
  • Early Literacy and Numeracy (including Rhymes That Bind, Library Time, Play Center Time)
  • Jack and Jill Gym Time
  • Move and Groove
  • Play and Learn
  • Teddy Bear and Me

Ages & Stages Developmental Screening

On-site developmental screening with the Ages and Stages Developmental Screening tool and Ages and Stages Social Emotional Screening Tool (Completed by Parent/Guardian).

Information Referrals

We provide information to connect parents with programs, tools and resources, including:
  • Community resource pamphlets
  • Informal support of staff to clients on an individual basis
  • Multicultural resources and events
  • Referrals to community services
  • Registries of childcare providers
  • Resource library that includes books and videos on parent education, special needs, and parenting teens.

Reduction of Barriers To Participation Practices

  • All our programming is free
  • Many of our courses provide childcare during the course.

Partnered Events

  • Kids Safety Fair
  • Family Play Day in the Park
  • Community Health Fair

Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunity Time Commitment
Event Volunteers

Special Events

Event Date/Time/Location Fee
Breakfast with Santa
Late November
Joining Hands Conference
March Nominal
Harvest Festival
September Nominal