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Student Wellness Project

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Description of Organization

The Student Wellness Project is a school based mental health promotion, prevention, and early intervention program. The aim is to increase coping, knowledge, and skills of children and youth to enable them to make better choices and adopt behaviours to self-protect their physical and mental health. Project sites also reach out to parents and other family members to assist them in their skill and capacity to create an environment conducive to mental wellness.The project services students from Florence MacDougall Community School, Spirit of the North Community School, High Level Public School, and the High Level Learning Store.

Program Details

  • Universal Programs: All students from grades 1-6 are involved in universal promotion and prevention programming at some point each year.
  • Targeted Groups: Targeted programming is offered for groups of students at all grade levels to address needs that arise.
  • School based programs include:
    • Friends For Life
    • Fun Friends
    • Lions Quest
    • RespectEd
    • Why Try