AAIP-RRS Employer Information

Employer Information

Under the Town of High Level’s Rural Renewal Stream Program, Employers will play a critical role in not only attracting newcomers to fill vacant positions, but also in ensuring that Endorsed Candidates successfully integrate into the community. Employers that do not agree to support prospective Candidate’s transition into the community will not be accepted into High Level’s Rural Renewal Stream Program.

If your business is interested in participating in this program, please review the Employer Criteria below and apply directly to the Town of High Level by completing the Employer Application Form.

To make an appointment to discuss your application, please contact the Town of High Level’s Economic Development Officer at 780-926-2201 or edo@highlevel.ca 

Employer Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for High Level’s Rural Renewal Stream Program, Employers must meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.

Employer Criteria

  • The business must be incorporated or registered by or under an Act of the Legislature of a Province, Territory, or the Parliament of Canada and operate as a business that has an established production capability, plant, or place of business in Alberta.
  • Offer full-time employment (continuous for at least 12-months) that meets the criteria of the Rural Renewal Stream as defined by the Government of Alberta.
  • Possess a valid Town of High Level Business Licence, if applicable.
  • Not be in violation of any Federal or Provincial regulations.
  • Not have any Occupational Health and Safety complaints within the 24 months prior to applying and be in good standing.
  • Not have any health violations through Alberta Health Services within the 24 months prior to applying and be in good standing.
  • Be in good standing with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • Demonstrate that you and your business have knowledge of the Employer’s responsibilities with respect to Federal and Provincial immigration laws and regulations.
  • Demonstrate that you have satisfied all program requirements to fill the position within Canada and the outcomes of your efforts. A Labour Market Impact Assessment [LMIA] is not required, but demonstrated efforts to recruit locally, provincially, and nationally is required. For the purpose of the High Level Rural Renewal Stream Program, the Employer must demonstrate the vacant position has been posted for a minimum of two weeks, prior to posting the position on the High Level Job Board and seeking prospective Candidates under the program.
  • Demonstrate that you have a welcoming workplace and are aware of the risks of recruiting newcomers to the workplace and community.
  • Agree to take a lead role in advancing newcomer success in our community. Employers are required to demonstrate knowledge of the responsibilities of welcoming newcomers and providing a warm and welcoming environment. The following are resources that prospective Employers are encouraged to review prior to submitting an application to the Town to participate in High Level’s Rural Renewal Stream Program:
  • Operate a safe and welcoming workplace, this can be created by:
    • Including appropriate onboarding and training, establishing policies and procedures that clearly outline the Employer’s culture and values, defining performance expectations, and providing equitable opportunities for professional growth and/or advancement;
    • Maintaining a work environment that prohibits all forms of harassment, discrimination, and racism by enduring that effective policies are in place both for reporting and responding to any incidents that may occur; and/or
    • Recognizing that newcomers may require additional levels of support upon arrival, such as language or skill building, a community orientation, and/or a mentorship program, that help to set newcomers up for successful integration into the workplace and community of High Level.
  • Meet all eligibility criteria under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program – Rural Renewal Stream prior to issuing an offer of employment. Please review the available information carefully and ensure you meet all the requirements.
  • Some occupations and job offers are not eligible for the Rural Renewal Stream. These occupations and offers are defined by the Government of Alberta.

Application Forms

Employer Application Form

Job Advertisement Application Form

Endorsement Letter Application Form

Employer Fees

  • Employers are responsible for the following fees:
    • Endorsement Letters issued by the Town of High Level – $1,250.00 per letter;
    • Covering the costs of the transportation for Endorsed Candidates from international airports or other origin in Canada to Grande Prairie [if applicable] and High Level;
    • Job advertisements preparation and posting fees – the Town does not charge to review and advertise job advertisements for approved Employers on the High Level Job Board;
    • Recruitment activities; and
    • Any other miscellaneous fees to recruit and retain newcomers under High Level’s Rural Renewal Stream Program.

The Town of High Level does not charge a fee for processing Employer Applications Forms.

If you are an Employer located within the municipal limits of High Level and are interested in participating in the Rural Renewal Stream to fill vacant positions and to support Candidates in obtaining their Permanent Residency, please review the above information. If you are an eligible Employer, please complete and submit an Employer Application Form to edo@highlevel.ca.