Public Consultation

The purpose of the public consultation is to ensure there are opportunities for the public, landowners, and affected stakeholders to be made aware of the annexation application and have an opportunity to provide input before the matter is considered by the Land and Property Rights Tribunal.

Public consultation also offers the Town of High Level an opportunity to develop an understanding of concerns raised and to establish applicable mitigation measures, if required.

Consultation Process

The consultation process will be open and transparent. It will ensure interested parties are provided information regarding the various opportunities to provide feedback and to ensure adequate and informative details are provided regarding the annexation process. Reasonable measures will be taken to ensure those with an interest in the annexation will have access to relevant information and have their views and opinions heard. Town of High Level is aware of the need to communicate with and receive input from the following:

  • Landowners located within the area proposed for annexation. Since the lands are all Crown lands the Town has contacted the relevant Provincial Department or agency directly for input;
  • Local Authorities impacted by the annexation; and
  • Residents of High Level and Mackenzie County.

Consultation Elements

Various consultation methods will be used to engage affected landowners and the public including the following:

  • Information Letter

Town of High Level has sent an information letter to the affected landowners (as it appears on the Certificates of Title), affected Local Authorities and other stakeholders. This information letter provides details of the annexation proposal, the process, contact information, and an outline of the annexation steps.  

Affected Authority Letter Template

  • Public Open Houses

Town of High Level will host an open house for the public to ask questions, provide input and highlight any issues or concerns.

The open house will be held on September 7, 2022:

Consultation stations will be set up in two places:

  • Council chambers, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Get to Know You Night (High Level Sports Complex Curling Pad), 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Town of High Level has created this webpage to provide information and gather input.  The Town will use its social media platforms to do the same. The Town’s website will be updated as new information becomes available and as the annexation proceeds.

  • Written Input

In addition to verbal input at open houses and meetings, interested parties are encouraged to provide written feedback and comments.

Affected Authorities

Written notice of the proposed annexation has been sent to the following local authorities:

  • Alberta Agriculture & Forestry
  • Alberta Environment & Parks

  • Alberta Infrastructure
  • Alberta Transportation
  • Apex Utilities
  • ATCO Electric
  • Dene Tha’ First Nation
  • Fort Vermilion School Division
  • Mackenzie County
  • Northern Lights Gas Co-op
  • Telus Communications Inc.

In addition, the following have been notified of the proposed annexation as they may have an interest in the process:

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Beaver First Nation
  • Canada Post
  • Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement
  • Town of Rainbow Lake