Temporary Outdoor Patio Program

High Level Launches Temporary Outdoor Patio Program


The Town of High Is Level is supporting local food and drink businesses affected by the recent COVID-19 restrictions (implemented on April 9, 2021) by launching a Temporary Outdoor Patio Program, which allows private parking spaces, public pathways and road right-of-ways to be temporarily converted into outdoor patios.

Temporary permits for patios are processed within a few days, and are valid until October 31, 2021, at no cost to business owners. All the materials and furniture used for patios must be temporary in nature, which can easily be removed on a daily basis. Business owners are required to have their temporary patios inspected by the Town and AHS once they are set-up, prior to operational use.

Applicants are required to:

  • Review the Temporary Outdoor Patio Guidelines;
  • Submit a Temporary Outdoor Permit Application with a signed Applicant Agreement;
  • Submit a site design concept for the temporary outdoor patio;
  • Obtain permission from the registered landowner if the applicant is not the landowner;
  • Obtain permission from neighbouring businesses if patios extend along their frontage; and
  • Abide by all conditions outlined in the Temporary Outdoor Patio Permit Approval.

The Town encourages all interested eligible business owners to discuss their plans with Planning and Development staff at: development@highlevel.ca or call Laurie at: 780-821-4020.