Revise C-3 Land Use District 

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Land Use Bylaw Project: Revise C-3 LUD

The C-3 Land Use District is the Highway Commercial District, and runs primarily along Highway 58 and Rainbow Boulevard. There are two changes being proposed to this District.

Currently, residential developments are only allowed above commercial developments in this District – standalone residential developments are not permitted in C-3. The Town is proposing residential developments be permitted as a discretionary use along 98th Street – these are the properties directly behind current commercial developments that would then be facing residential developments on the west side of 98th Street.

This would create an opportunity for developers to look at the area – which has a number of close amenities – as a place to develop residential property.

The Town is also hoping to include Retail – Cannabis as a Discretionary use for C-3 LUD. While this would create more opportunities for these types of businesses, they would still need to adhere to the requirement that they not be located closer than 100 metres from any community or park development in Town. Additionally, they would still need to adhere to all existing requirements for establishing a Cannabis Retail Development.

Finally, as a housekeeping measure, we are proposing a change when it comes to the designation of drainage area as park space – the intent of a park is a space for the enjoyment of local residents, and very few residents have historically enjoyed spending time in drainage ditches. 

It makes more sense for those spaces to be designated as Environmental Reserve spaces. As a bonus for potential Cannabis Retail developers looking at places to start their businesses, Environmental Reserves would not require the same 100-metre setback as a traditional park.

The Town of High Level is currently reviewing and developing their Land Use Bylaw. As part of that process, local residents are strongly encouraged to take part in the process and help direct future development in High Level.

For more information, please contact Hayley Gavin, Land Use and Planning Manager, by phone at 780-502-0778 or by email at

A complete list of all proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw is available HERE.