Delete C-2 Land Use District

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Land Use Bylaw Project: Delete C-2 Land Use District

The C-2 Commercial District is known as the General Commercial District, and was created to encourage commercial uses that supported the hospital without adversely affecting commercial development in the Downtown Core. 

Currently, there are only two lots in High Level that fall within the C-2 Land Use District (LUD) – They include the lot opposite the hospital where Mackenzie House sits and a vacant lot across the street from Mackenzie House, on the norths side of 106 Street. Because the uses Permitted and Discretionary under C-2 already exist in other Land use Districts, it seems obvious that there is not much need for a C-2 LUD. As such, we are proposing to remove C-2 and simply rezone the two affected lots.

This could see the Mackenzie House property rezoned to R-3, High-Density Residential, as assisted living facilities are Permitted and Discretionary Uses (depending on the number of units) in R-3 Districts. The vacant lot would be rezoned to C-1, Downtown Commercial. There would be no changes to the property on Mackenzie House – but the change to C-1 would provide the vacant lot with many more development options.

Regardless of the intended use for the vacant lot, the Town would look carefully at how the development of this lot would fit in with the surrounding properties and uses. All landowners will be contacted by the Town to discuss the potential rezoning of their properties.  

A complete list of all proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw is available HERE.