Multipurpose Facility Updates

Multipurpose Facility Timeline  


Following the stakeholders meeting, administration contacted ONPA Architect for a preliminary design. This design was approximately 18,000 sq. meters with a construction cost of $61 million. This preliminary design was presented to Council and then released in May to the public for feedback through the Town website and Social Media.


After an extensive tendering process, Sahuri and partners Architecture Inc was selected as the Prime Architectural consultant.  

August – October

The design was reviewed and expanded into more detail. A Multipurpose Facility Taskforce consisting of representatives from the Fort Vermillion School Division, the Town of High Level, and the Dene Tha’ First Nation was developed. The Taskforce met bi-weekly to discuss design changes and program functions of the facility. The task force considered feedback from the public survey completed in June and input from additional stakeholder meetings.

The main changes to the facility design include: 

  • The corridors were expanded and reconfigured to allow for a better flow of patrons and viewing of activities.
  • The library was expanded to include a mezzanine area on the second floor.
  • The curling rink morphed from a 3-lane rink to a 4-lane rink to be housed in a full-size ice pad. This provides the capacity to expand to a regular size hockey rink if curling season is shortened or does not continue to be played. The surface will also serve as a back up if the Town engages in both Junior A and Junior B hockey in the far future.
  • A lazy river and low depth leisure pool was added to the aquatic centre.


The Town individually hired a cost consultant/surveyor to review project costs. Additionally, a sponsorship contract was awarded to develop sponsorship, donation, and naming strategies for facility fundraising.


Sahuri presented updated architectural plans to members of the Fort Vermilion School Division, Town of High Level Council, and the Dene Tha' First Nations. On November 24th, stakeholder meetings were held for an entire day, with 3-4 people in at a time to allow free communication and feedback on the design with the Architect.


During the Special Council meeting on December 14th Council provided the approval to move forward to an engineered design. The Multipurpose Facility is now 22,000 sq. meters, and the budgeted cost of the facility is $88 million. Council and administration continue to meet with provincial and federal ministers regarding funding for the facility.


The next steps are a geotechnical and land survey and environmental study of the proposed facility location. Ground stakes have been placed near the high school for surveying purposes. From January 5th – 9th, Town of High Level residents will notice machines  clearing snow and other heavy equipment working in and around the High School track area.

Updated Facility Design

Below are updated preliminary drawings of the Multipurpose facility design that were presented at the Stakeholder meetings in November. These drawings contain the new changes from the initial public and stakeholder engagements and are not final. A new version that includes the changes made following the latest stakeholder meeting will be released to the public as they become available.

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