High Level - Dene Tha' Partnership (Formally CEDI)

FCM and Cando have launched Phase 2 of their successful Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) for First Nations and nearby municipal partners.

Between now and 2021, as many as 30 new communities will create joint  economic development and land management partnerships based on their shared desire for a better future.

From the start, these new CEDI partners will be able to learn from Phase 1’s participating communities and from CEDI resources that apply not just to our formal CEDI partners but to other First Nations and municipalities across Canada who choose the path of collaboration.

For More information you can visit the FCM website  at https://fcm.ca/home/programs/first-nations-municipal-collaboration-programs/community-economic-development-initiative.htm 

Councillors on committee: Mayor Crystal McAteer and Councillor Lambert