Snow Removal

Snow removal Photo

Snow Removal on Road Ways

  • Snow removal will be initiated after the compacted snowfall exceeds 50 mm on Snow Routes One and Two, and 100 mm on Snow Routes Three and 150 mm on Snow Route Four. Amounts less then this may be removed due to road conditions.
  • No later than 5:00 p.m. on the previous day signage providing notice of planned snow removal will be placed adjacent to the roadways where planned snow removal is to take place. At any time after 8:00 a.m. any vehicle on a roadway, where the Town has provided notice of planned snow removal, will be removed from the roadway to a secure location.
  • Snow will be cleared from the streets as per the priority map attached and forming Schedule “A”. Snow shall first be cleared from Snow Route 1, which includes public emergency vehicle access; then subsequently from Snow Route 2 which includes public facility parking lots; and then be cleared from Snow Route 3 residential areas. If an additional snowfall occurs during a clearing cycle we will return to Snow Routes 1 & 2 and then afterwards continue on Snow Route 3.
  • Snow Removal Route 3 (Residential Area) will be broken into manageable blocks. Rotation of the blocks will be altered as to which one is done first unless road conditions are substantially worse in a different block.

Snow Removal Policy map

Roadway Sanding Guidelines 

  • Priorities for roadway sanding (ice control) will follow the snow route map and will be to improve traction for vehicles. Normally roadway sanding will be carried out at marked crosswalks, rail crossings, vertical grades, and at highways, arterial and collector intersections only. It is not common practice to sand streets in their entirety or at mid block locations unless there is a marked crosswalk.
  • In extreme weather conditions such as freezing rain, the Director of Operational Services has the authority to modify this policy to address the extreme weather conditions.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Guidelines

  • All sidewalks adjacent to municipal and residential lands will be cleared of snow to make them passable within 72 hours of the cessation of snowfall by the Town of High Level. 
  • Snow that has accumulated on the sidewalks shall not be placed onto any developed lots. Snow may be windrowed on the street, medians or boulevards until removed. Snow may be windrowed and placed in ditches and undeveloped lots to minimize expenditures. To minimize expenditures snow may be windrowed and placed in ditches and undeveloped lots by the Town of High Level.                     
  • Access from the roadway to the property on either side of the sidewalk will be the responsibility of the adjacent landowner to maintain.                       
  • In the event of ice conditions, the Town will assess the conditions and take whatever measures are deemed appropriate.

Additional Information 

  • Prioritizing of roads may change from the above categories due to conditions and operating efficiencies;
  • Property owners or tenants are responsible to maintain safe access to and on their respective properties;
  • Underlying condition of the roads and sidewalks may change operating procedures;
  • The cost of providing the service must be within the approved budget.

For more information please refer to the Snow and Ice Control Policy #187-02.