Water System

The Town of High Level Operations Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Water Treatment Plant.

Water Supply

This area includes Footner Lake and pump station, North raw water reservoir and pump station, Water Treatment Plant raw water reservoir and approximately 11 kilometers of 25 centimeter supply line.

Water Treatment Plant

The facility is a Class 3 plant capable of producing 9000 cubic meters per day and has a 4000 cubic meter treated water storage reservoir.

Water Distribution System

This system is a Class 2 water system which includes approximately:

  • 43093 meters of water main
  • 317 water main valves
  • 196 fire hydrants
  • 1500 service connections
  • Truck filling station

Waste Water Collection System

The collection system is a Class 2 system and is comprised of approximately:

  • 40324 meters of sewer mains
  • 316 manholes
  • 6 lift stations

Waste Water Treatment

The waste water treatment system is a Class 1 conventional lagoon, capable of treating 2200 cubic meters per day. The lagoon covers approximately 23 hectares of land and has a drying bed which will hold 15000 cubic meters of sludge.