Family & Community Support Services

Family and Community Support Services LogoFamily and Community Support Services strives to provide services and resources to create resilient community members, thereby enabling people to sustain healthy lifestyles. High Level FCSS is committed to Youth Development, Family Development and Community Development. FCSS offers assistance to individuals such as referrals to community organizations and completion of government forms. A community organization contact list is maintained by FCSS.

FCSS Programs

High Level FCSS provides the following programs:

  1. Newcomers Package
  2. Jack N Jill Gym Time
  3. After School Program
  4. Babysitters Course
  5. Volunteer Tax Assistance
  6. Awesome Adventures Day Camp 

Newcomers Package

A Newcomers Package is available to any individual or family who have recently relocated to High Level. The package contains flyers, pamphlets and information on various programs, organizations, and services that are available within our community. It also has donated gifts, coupons and other promotional items from local businesses and organizations.

The package will provide newcomers with the information necessary to access services and become involved in the community.

To obtain a Newcomers Package contact the Town of High Level FCSS Programmer at 780-821-4026 to arrange delivery.

  1. FCSS Programs 
  2. Community Events

Special Events

High Level FCSS offers the following Special Events through the year:

  • Get To Know You Night
  • Family Halloween Celebration
  • Family New Years Celebration

High Level FCSS partners with various community groups for the following Special Events:

  • Family Play Day in the Park
  • Kids' Safety Fair
  • National Addictions Awareness Week
  • Resiliency Campaign
  • Seniors' Week Barbecue
  • Volunteer Appreciation Night