Waste Collection


The Town of High Level provides weekly waste collection to residential properties. All commercial, industrial and institutional properties must make their own arrangements for waste collection and disposal.

In High Level, waste collection and disposal is treated as a utility, and is totally funded by user fees charged on utility bills. No tax revenue subsidizes these programs.

Monthly Fee

All residential properties receiving waste collection services are charged one fixed monthly fee. The fee is charged each month, whether or not the service is used in any particular month.

The waste collection fee includes the contract fee charged weekly for garbage pickup on Thursdays and the (one) monthly voucher to bring up to a maximum of (250 kilograms) to the landfill. 

The weight of any garbage over the 250 kilograms will be paid by the user. The monthly fee does not include white goods drop off.

Private Contractor

The Town retains a private contractor, L & P Disposals, to provide residential waste collection in town. If you have any questions about  your pickup service, please contact L & P Disposals directly at  780-926-2988.