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Northwest Primary Care Network


  • Maureen Bourque, Chronic Disease (Diabetes): 780-841-3308
  • Cheryl Cunningham-Burns, Medical Social Worker & FASD Coordinator: 780-841-3203
  • Divina Crisostomo: 780-841-3253
  • PCN Admin: 780-841-3203

Description of Organization

Primary Care Networks are teams of health professionals, led by family physicians, in a geographic area within Alberta working together to provide and coordinate care for patients. Each network has the flexibility to develop programs and to provide services in a way that works locally to meet the specific needs of patients.

Adults, Children & Youth Complex Needs

Anyone who has complex health needs and is experiencing difficulty accessing financial programs, housing ect.

Social work assistance with referrals and advocacy

Child & Youth FASD Diagnostic Clinic

FASD clinics coordination - Clinics are held 4 to 5 times per year and include a
multi-disciplinary team of professionals; clinics are based on:
  • Medical model and are available to families with children 18 and under
  • Referrals to the FASD Clinic may be made by parents, Child and Family Services, doctors, schools, etc. (Referrals made by anyone other than a parent must have approval from the caregiver/guardian.)
  • Diagnostic process includes refferals to Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Neuropsychology, and Pediatrician.
  • Follow up support for children, families, and agencies (i.e. FCSA foster parents) regarding the diagnostic clinic by connecting clients to community support agencies such as: FASD Society, PDD and others as appropriate
  • Family doctor referrals

Chronic Disease Management, Education, Support & Access

  • Diabetes and Cardiac Education and Support
  • Team Approach to Chronic Disease Management
  • Patient Advocacy for improved Access to Family Physician and Other Health Care Providers
  • Promotion of self-management through education, support, improve access and regular
  • surveillance by Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Glucometer Teaching - glucometer provided free of charge
  • Insulin Teaching
  • Foot Assessments
  • Blood Pressure Checks (Just drop in)
  • Cardiac/Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Referral to other Health Care Providers based on individuals needs i.e. Senior's benefits and programs, income support programs, provision of compassionate diabetes supplies and insulin
  • Library of resources for chronic disease management, diabetes and healthy lifestyle/eating


  • Using a team approach to provide Prenatal Care to woman and families
  • Assessing, coordinating, administering and evaluating the provision of
  • health services and healthcare resources in collaboration with the inter-professional team.
  • Routine Prenatal follow-up
  • Prenatal/ Postpartum Education
  • Maternal and Fetal Health monitoring
  • Breastfeeding Assistance
  • Gestational Diabetes, Gestational Hypertension, and other High-Risk Pregnancy follow-up
  • Referrals to other Health Care providers and/or community services, based on individual needs


The services provided by the PCN Perinatal Nurse are not intended to, and should not replace the regular prenatal visits with your Physician. Rather, these services are available to argument and support the services that are already being provided by your Physician.