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Centennial Park


  1. Basketball
  2. Playground
  3. Swing Sets
  4. Tennis Court
  5. Tobogganing Hill
  6. Volleyball

Description of Space

This green space is full of amenities for people of all ages.

Amenities Available

Staff inspect park daily from May to August.

Centennial Park Project Update

Just a quick update to those interested in how the Centennial Park project is proceeding.

The majority of the work has been completed but there is still some work needed to be done, so for everyone’s safety please respect the fence and stay off-site. The tennis courts continue to be open and accessible for use, and we will be opening the remainder of the park as soon as possible. The site has been seeded and we are waiting on the grass to get established before the site is opened. There will also be crews and equipment working to address some final items on the spray park and other areas. We appreciate everyone’s interest in this project and their patience as we continue to finish this project.