Fire Permit

Applying for a Fire Permit

Before filling out the application you must:

  • Be the owner of the property or have written permission from the landlord.
  • If you are building the fire pit you must contact Alberta One Call (1-800-242-3447) and have the utility locates done in your yard to insure that where you are planning to build the fire pit is at least 1 meter from any important lines. 
  • To apply for a fire permit you must already have a fire pit in your yard. 
  • Once the previous steps are complete you can fill out the fire permit application at the Town Office and pay the $10 fee. 
  • Once the application is filled out and payment is received a Peace Officer will inspect your property and give you the completed fire permit. 

Guidelines for Residential Fire Pits 

  • A Recreational fire pit must be a minimum of 3 meters from any structure i.e. buildings, sheds or fences.
  • A recreational fire pit cannot be directly above a gas line. The fire must be  a minimum of 1 meter away. To have a gas line located contact "Alberta One Call" 1-800-242-3447 at no charge to residential lines. Allow for 2 business days for the location request to be completed. 
  • Written permission of the property owner must accompany the application. 
  • The Permit is suspended when there is a "Fire Ban" in effect. Fire Ban signs will be posted by the municipality. 
  • Fire permits are not transferable. 
  • All recreational fires on residential lots shall be done in a properly constructed pit or burner made with non-combustible material such as brick or a metal ring.
  • Do not leave a fire until it is out cold. 
  • Ensure there are no overhanging branches or power lines above the fire pit. 
  •  Provisions and equipment must be available to prevent the spread of fire. i.e. water hose that reaches the fire pit. 
  • Only clean unpainted/non-treated wood is to be burned. 
  • Do not burn garbage of any kind including leaves, grass, clippings and branches. 
  • Portable Fire pits cannot be placed on decks. 
  • Do not place a Fire pit in an enclosed area as fumes from it can be harmful without proper ventilation. 
  • Always use a poker or log grabber to move logs and arrange logs. 

For more information on the permit application process please contact the Development Department.

For more information on fire safety and proper care of residential fire pits please contact the Protective Services Department. 

  1. Tyrell Brink

    Community Peace Officer