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The High Level Peace Officer Program consists of Peace Officers who are appointed under the Peace Officer Act of Alberta by the Solicitor General of Alberta and as such are Peace Officers as defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. Peace Officers employed by the Town of High Level are provincial officers who have jurisdiction throughout the entire Province of Alberta, with exceptions on federal lands. Furthermore, Peace Officers have the authority under the Municipal Government Act to provide enforcement of the local Town of High Level bylaws where necessary.

The objective for the High Level Peace Officers is to partner closely with other local and regional emergency services such as the RCMP, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services and work towards maintaining a safe and viable community. Peace Officers provide targeted enforcement of select federal, provincial and municipal statutes and utilize a variety of enforcement and investigative tactics to achieve their goals laid out annually by Town Council. The Peace Officers assist Council in their goals with proactive patrolling, partnering with the citizens of the Town through voluntary compliance, and building positive liaisons with local groups.

Provincial Appointments

High Level Enforcement Services Peace Officers are given the authority by the Province of Alberta to conduct law enforcement. This includes the authority to conduct investigations, lay charges, effect arrests, prepare and execute search warrants, and respond to emergencies among other duties. Peace Officers may arrest, investigate or lay charges under federal, provincial or municipal statutes depending on the circumstances. The Provincial Acts, among other statutes, the Peace Officers can enforce as appointed by the Solicitor General of Alberta may include;

  • Animal Protection Act
  • Dangerous Dogs Act
  • Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Education Act
  • Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act
  • Innkeepers Act
  • Petty Trespass Act
  • Provincial Offences Procedures Act
  • Stray Animals Act
  • Traffic Safety Act
  • Trespass to Premises Act

To view the above acts, please visit the Alberta Law Catalogue. For information regarding all Town of High Level Bylaws, please visit the Administration Department’s Bylaws page.

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