Upper Hay Regional Forests Public Advisory Committee

The primary goals of the Public Advisory Committee are:

  • To provide a forum for information exchange between the companies and stakeholders.
  • To obtain constructive community input, advice and recommendations to ensure all local interests are effectively involved in forest management planning.
  • Work with Tolko to develop and maintain a CSA SFM Plan in accordance with CSA guidelines, as follows: - Identify and select values, objectives, indicators and targets, based on SFM elements and any other issues of relevance to the Defined Forest Area (DFA). These must be consistent with relevant government legislation, regulations, and policies; - Develop one or more possible strategies; - Assess and select one or more strategies; - Review the SFM plan; - Design monitoring programs, evaluate results, and recommend improvements; and - Discuss and resolve any issues relevant to SFM in the DFA.

Committee Member Responsibility 

1. Read and understand this Terms of Reference;
2. Contribute to the development of the Forest Management Plan (FMP) & Sustainable Forest Management Plan (SFMP) by identifying local-level Values, Objectives, Indicators, and Targets (VOIT);
3. Develop procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of the public advisory process and FMPs;
4. Adhere to the discussion items outlined in the meeting agenda. Additional discussion items not included in the agenda shall be tabled to a future meeting(s);
5. Keep their organization informed of developments in meetings and gather opinions for subsequent meetings. In the event a member is not able to attend an alternate representative can attend subject to notifying the Facilitator.
6. Follow process for assessing items raised;
7. Identify areas where further information and education is needed to better understanding to contribute to the PAC;
8. Be open to receiving and bring forward public inquiries 
9. The Company will provide reasonable access to company data, resources, and access to information from outside the PAC (i.e., experts in particular subject area(s)).

Upper Hay Regional Forests Public Advisory Committee  
c/o Tolko Industries Ltd.
11401 - 92 Street
High Level, AB T0H 1Z0

Phone: 780-926-3781

Council Member on Committee: Deputy Mayor Langford and Councillor Jessiman

Website: High Level Forests Public Advisory Committee